Volume 6, Number 1 (March 2015)

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On uncertainty analysis using random sets in science and engineering PDF
Hung T. Nguyen 1-6

Measuring credit risk for securities margin trading and securities lending PDF
Shuming Wang 7-16

A simulation study for the impact from rising world cereal prices on agricultural sector in Taiwan and responding countermeasures PDF
Esher Hsu, Wolfgang Wolf 17-33

A quantile regression model to forecast ICT development PDF
Hui-Kuang Tiffany Yu 34-38

A study on internet entrepreneurship based on the long tail theory PDF
Minglin Zhang, Ronghua Zhou 39-42

The analysis about the source of the impact on chinese macroeconomic volatility——based on dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model PDF
Shangfeng Zhang, Longbin Xu, Rongli Li and Xiaowen Hu 43-64

Empirics with inequity distribution for elementary school resource PDF
Baiqing Sun, Chun-Ti Su 65-74

Inference on potential lifetimes of products from damage data PDF
Ya-Yen Fan, Tzong-Ru Tsai And Jianping Zhu 75-79

There is a tide in the affairs of copula: evaluation for import/export values with exchange rate bases on static and dynamic copula PDF
Xinyu Yuan, Songsak Sribooditta , Jiechen Tang 80-94

Evaluating city leisure index with soft computing methods PDF
Tsung-Kuo Tien-Liu,Yu-Yun Hsu, Berlin Wu 95-107

What difference does it make? A new approach to comparing student achievement using fuzzy data PDF
Wentsung Lai, Berlin Wu 108-117

A new advance of fuzzy regression analysis: from type-1 fuzzy model to type-2 fuzzy model PDF
Junzo Watada, Yicheng Wei 118-126